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Forrest Kennedy

Licensed Home Inspector

Forrest Kennedy is the owner and inspector of Kennedy Home Inspections, LLC. If you don’t automatically trust the quality of a home’s construction just because it appears to be sound at a passing glance, then you’re in good company—because Forrest has seen the full spectrum of what homes are often hiding. But that doesn’t mean that you should be discouraged when you’re trying to invest in a good home for your family. Forrest is committed to providing a meticulously detailed home inspection that will protect you from a bad investment by putting you in a position where you’re able to address existing issues in a home’s construction before buyer’s remorse can ever become a reality.

Experience Where and When It Matters Most

Starting in 1985, Forrest entered the construction industry, eventually going on to own a company specializing in closing repairs for real estate properties in escrow. During his time in construction, Forrest did everything from carpentry to serving as a site superintendent and project manager—later transitioning to a role as a home inspector when he joined one of the Triangle Area’s premier multi-inspector firms, Jernigan and Associates. Forrest was able to substantially build upon his skills evaluating homes, and now as the owner of his own inspection company, Forrest is proud to share years of industry knowledge in order to help his clients succeed in their real estate ambitions.

Triangle Area North Carolina Home Inspections

A Home Inspector in Tune With What Home Buyers Want

  • Many home buyers are not comfortable being left out on the sidelines during the home inspection process—that’s why Forrest always extends the invitation for his clients to follow along during the inspection, creating a mutually beneficial environment in which the strengths or weaknesses in the home’s construction can be discussed on-site
  • Even with Forrest’s penchant for writing exhaustively detailed inspection reports, you’re bound to have a question or two—and you’re encouraged to call at any time after the inspection so that Forrest can get you the answers
  • A general home inspection is what the vast majority of prospective clients are looking for, but sometimes there are different needs to address—which is why we offer a multitude of specialized home inspection services

When he’s not working on a home inspection, Forrest enjoys traveling, going on cruises, and spending quality time with his family.

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At Kennedy Home Inspections, LLC, we offer a dependable home inspection that aims to identify deficiencies in a home’s construction that prospective home buyers shouldn’t be responsible for when they’re preparing to pay top dollar for a real estate investment. Contact us today to request an inspection.